November 15, 2023

Short vs. Long Term SEO

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Preparing for an Algorithm Update

People always ask: “How do you prepare for an algorithm update?”


The cheap answer is:

  • You have access to crawl logs from tens of millions of search results pages,
  • You analog the data,
  • You put them into correlation studies,
  • And you determine what’s starting to become more important a year or two years before it actually hits an algorithm update.

If you can’t do that (because you’re a normal person like everybody else)…

Our best advice is:

Be future-facing.


The truth is, YOU probably know the things that you’re getting away with.
Or the things that are suboptimal.

And there’s likely no pushback on your end when somebody internally says, is that a problem today or a tomorrow problem?

This poses a real problem in SEO, because in SEO there is no such thing as a tomorrow problem. When an algorithm update hits and you get caught behind the eight-ball, you’re D-O-N-E for the next three months minimum.

Six months on average.

SEO is always a today problem. And being future-facing will allow you to use future algorithm updates to your advantage.

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