October 17, 2023

Expertise & Content Efficiency

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Let’s talk about what’s working right now…

In today’s content creation world, we recommend our clients consider:

  1. How do you insert your experience into what you’re doing?
  2. How do you insert expertise into what you’re doing?
  3. And how do you insert efficiency into what you’re doing?


Expertise & Experience

When it comes to conveying your expertise, it’s important to start with a bit of a reality check:

  • Are you a credible source?
  • Are you qualified to be speaking on your topic?

What gives you the right to talk on this topic? Because if you want to talk on a topic, your credibility matters.

Remember: Your credibility isn’t just about your credentials. Maybe you have Dr. of PhD next to your name – awesome! However, in the future that is going to matter less.

Your demonstrated experience and track record will matter more.


Content Efficiency

In the past, the pathway to success in SEO was largely about chasing a certain word count and a specific number of keywords.

Today, if you had the choice between getting the same amount of information and result by either reading a 2-minute article or watching a 15-second video – like me, you would probably choose the more efficient option: the 15-second video.

This is why we use a metric called value per word.

Our ‘Value Per word’ metric

We’ve found that putting emphasis on the value per word is kind of the ethos in terms of what’s working today.

It presents an interesting challenge because achieving an overall page length is still important. But what’s most important is doing so by providing value with every word you say, as opposed to repeating things, speaking verbosely, and just getting to your word count.

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