SEO Manager

Ash Ketchum once said, “if you’re not first, you’re last.” Or maybe it was someone’s dad. Either way, SearchTides really takes that to heart. In an industry that is notoriously plagued by mediocrity and complacency, we’ve taken the opposite approach. Over the last nine years, we’ve steadily calibrated and perfected our product, ensuring we can actually (well, metaphorically) move mountains and get incredible SEO results for our clients.

You should consistently achieve impressive results for campaigns that you manage first-hand, including difficult-to-perform non-local campaigns. Keeping up to date with the latest SEO trends and implementing changes to your clients’ sites to get ahead of trends is very much in your wheelhouse.

The majority of our work is on national level campaigns – with the majority being large and ambitious. The size and scale of this work should be exciting, and you should expect to deliver legitimate value to clients each and every meeting.


If this is you, let’s talk. After you, y’know, go through all the details:


What does a day in this role look like?

Your largest KPI will be the success of your client campaigns. There are three main ways that you’ll work to deliver best in class results:

Working on client accounts directly

  • Collaborating with the Director of SEO and Chief SEO Officer to plan, manage, and execute organic search strategies
  • Activities Include, but are not limited to:
    • Content planning
    • Link building planning & oversight
    • On site optimization
    • Keyword research
    • Technical audits
    • Everything on page and off page (management/planning for off page)
  • Create and analyze data and reports. You’ll use both tools such as ahrefs, Data Studio, as well as combine things in a bi-weekly document for reporting. You’ll create easily digestible end products for internal stakeholders and clients
  • Support your recommendations with data and be confident in your ability to proactively answer questions that clients might have before they ask them
  • You will be part of a client facing team in this role

    Collaborating with team members

    • In addition to your work with the Director of SEO and Chief SEO Officer, you’ll work with:
      • The Head of Link Building to coordinate around link building strategies as well as link quality assurance
      • Account Managers and Project Managers to keep client communications and internal processes efficient and world-class.
      • SEO client stakeholders (our points of contact) to understand their common business challenges, their hurdles to achieving SEO success, what success means to them, and how our teams can make their lives easier and make them look good to their bosses
    • You’ll also work with the Director of SEO to:
      • Assist with refining and improving SEO workflows and processes
      • Help test and vet new tools for the department
      • Lead by example with cross department collaboration

      Staying at the forefront of trends

      • Staying on top of the latest trends within the search industry to ensure our agency deliverables are keeping up, so we’re consistently demonstrating to prospective and current clients that we’re keeping up with the latest and greatest in SEO
      • Communicating with other department leaders to ensure there’s strong collaboration, shared learnings, joint problem solving, and that we’re optimizing our ability to cross sell services.

      This role reports to the Director of SEO


      About You:

      First, aligning with our company values is the minimum requirement to have a conversation:

      • Taking ownership
      • Communication
      • Integrity
      • Empathy
      • Persistence
      • Always Learning
      • Stay Humble and Modest


      Sound like you? Great! This should also sound like you:

      Have proven experience successfully managing large, ambitious SEO campaigns as the lead contributor

      And, these should too:

      • Anticipating, and solving problems, are at the core of who you are
      • You have extensive work with national campaigns
      • You know how to speak with client stakeholders who have been in the SEO world as long (or maybe even longer!) than you
      • Link building excites you and you can explain why it’s so critical to overall SEO results
      • You love learning new strategies and making things better, even if they are already great
      • Be autonomous as a default, while asking questions regularly
      • Change should be a constant for you. You know that SEO is all about iterating and improvement
      • Changing focuses as priorities change doesn’t trip you up
      • You love talking to clients, building relationships and trust with them, and helping our teams keep them happy
      • You’re able to digest and implement feedback
      • You’re able to storytell with data, getting clients excited about their campaigns, and showcasing what’s working and what’s not


        • At least 2 years of experience leading national level campaigns
        • 4+ years’ experience working in a similar position at a high-growth agency
        • Strong interpersonal & communication skills (both spoken and written)
        • Extensive experience working with tools like GSC, GA, DataStudio, Screaming Frog, ahrefs, CORA, SurferSEO,, and more
        • Understanding of basic HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and code structure as it relates to SEO
        • Experience working remotely

        The Other Cool Stuff:

        SearchTides has been fully remote since 2015. We’ve figured out how to build a culture while being remote, balance time away from the screens, still strive for excellence, and do it all while having a good time throughout.

        We also have:

        • Monthly guest speakers (everything from house plants to mixology sessions)
        • Ten company-wide federal holidays off per year based on US calendar
        • Winter break shut down! In addition, our office is closed the last week of the year (yes, it’s PTO!)
        • Plus, 15 additional days of PTO
        • Plus, you get your birthday off. And you get to come back to a slew of happy birthday messages in Slack
        • You receive a fancy laptop + any monitor needs
        • A healthcare reimbursement plan
        • A sponsored mental health program

        Compensation: $75k-$90k

        Hi, I’m Derek Iwasiuk, the hiring manager for this role. I’ve been in SEO for about 20 years — spanning all the way from the ‘coach handbags online’ days to the future of entities. I’m looking forward to speaking with you:

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        Please note: Due to the overwhelming amount of responses that we have received, it may not be possible to reply to every single applicant who does not fit the criteria for this role. We apologize in advance if we are unable to get in touch.