Marketing Manager

About Searchtides

SearchTides is a hub for all things SEO, Organic Search, and AI Optimization. We have an exciting opportunity for a seasoned marketing operator to own our marketing strategy and its implementation with audience acquisition and business growth as the core KPIs.

What does a day in this role look like?

As the Marketing Manager at SearchTides, you will run and be responsible for the following:

  • Building and growing our business and audience through social media, content, and sponsorships
  • Owning our social media strategy
    • This includes both the creation of our strategy as well as a focus on using analytics and insights to optimize it over time
  • Managing freelancers who can help implement your strategy
    • For example, video editors or designers
  • Owning the SearchTides newsletter
  • Working cross-functionally with partnerships and strategy teams
    • Creating content geared to specific partners and audiences
    • Obtaining knowledge and turning it into content

You’ll also be asked to help sales with the creation of decks and collateral, as well as the potential of creating digital courses in the future.

About You:

First, aligning with our company values is the minimum requirement to have a conversation:

  • Taking ownership
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Persistence
  • Always Learning
  • Stay Humble and Modest

    You are:

    • Analytical
      • You obsess over analytics and make data-informed decisions to drive your strategy.
      • We’ll expect your strategy to display this and review regular reports that you create.
      • For the interview, you’ll have to provide examples of scenarios where data dictated the direction of a campaign and what the results were.
      • You’re well-versed in a variety of analytic tools related to the success of this job, its responsibilities and KPIs.
    • Agile
      • You have ninja-like experience adapting your strategy and implementation due to market / economic disruptions and trends.
      • You follow agile marketing methods and win as a result.
    • AI enabled
      • You experiment with AI tools almost daily and have implemented AI solutions to streamline your workflow and increase results whether it be production quality or quantity or audience growth.
      • You’re responsible for keeping your department’s efficiency up and costs down.
    • Creative
      • You love bold colors (figuratively and maybe literally too) and aren’t afraid to try new things.
    • Visionary
      • You might be an avid chess player, always thinking several steps ahead and have the ability to read your market before it makes its move.
    • A marketing growth operator
      • You’re a social media manager, content manager, and content creator
      • You’ve grown a content company or department to $100k MRR before
      • In this role you have the opportunity to build out what is essentially a new business line at SearchTides and it’s no problem because you’ve done it before.

    The Other Cool Stuff:

    SearchTides has been fully remote since 2015. We’ve figured out how to build a culture while being remote, balance time away from the screens, still strive for excellence, and do it all while having a good time throughout.

    We also have:

    • Monthly guest speakers (everything from house plants to mixology sessions)
    • Ten company-wide federal holidays off per year based on US calendar
    • Winter break shut down! In addition, our office is closed the last week of the year (yes, it’s PTO!)
    • Plus, 15 additional days of PTO
    • Plus, you get your birthday off. And you get to come back to a slew of happy birthday messages in Slack
    • You receive a fancy laptop + any monitor needs
    • A healthcare reimbursement plan
    • A sponsored mental health program

    To apply:

    1) Send an email to careers [at] searchtides [dot] com with the subject line “Marketing Manager – [YOURNAME]”

    2) Please include a link to your LinkedIn, as well as your resume / CV and a cover letter

    3) Please include a link to, or attach directly, your favorite meme

    Our application process:

    1. You submit your cover letter and resume / CV 
    2. You are invited to answer a few questions via
    3. We have a first interview
    4. We have a second interview
    5. You might be asked to submit a trial project that you will be paid for if not hired
    6. We make you an offer