Case Study:

Taking Flight Within the Travel Space

The Quest

As an example of an earlier-stage campaign, this travel company wanted to push towards getting a seat at the table amongst well-known industry giants. Of course, a modest DR of 35 and a deficit of tens of thousands of referring domains make this project challenging. 

The Dragons

Each of their competitors’ websites are known worldwide, complete with Domain Ratings (DR) of 80+. Even still, this client wanted to rank for high-intent commercial keywords.

The Grail

With sustained link building leading to an increase in DR, and a transformative content program, SearchTides is able to deliver trajectory-changing results even while having a weaker and lesser-known website to work with.

At-a-glance campaign results:

  • Increased organic traffic from ~40 users per day to over 2,000.
  • Increased DR from 35 to 45.
  • Organic traffic increased from 2.5% of total traffic to 68.23%.

A Closer Look

Organic traffic had increased from approximately 40-50 users per day to about 460 users per day as of November 2022.

At the beginning of 2022, organic traffic was responsible for about 2.5% of traffic and as of November 2022, consisted of approximately 38% of total website traffic.

This trend has continued thus far in 2023, with organic traffic currently sitting at about 2,000 visits per day.

SearchTides began a modest link-building campaign in July 2021. The website had a DR of 35 and had been relatively flat in terms of DR from the prior nine months (DR34 in Sept 2019). As of October 2022, it sat at a DR45, an increase of 10 points.

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