Case Study:

Lowering Prescription Costs En Masse

The Quest

This client had just undergone a rebrand that went sideways. A CMS had been installed without search in mind, and a lack of in-house SEO knowledge led to slow implementation times and wrong instincts. After the rebrand, the website tanked. It was the opposite of what was desired — which was to run down the large player in the space.

The Dragons

Rendering issues on the website caused much of its content not to be read by Google. Loads of technical challenges proved that even weaker competitors had more traffic. Plus, multiple CMS systems lacking basic SEO frameworks meant everything had to be built manually by the dev team. And with tens of thousands of product pages, these issues had a massive impact on their site. 

The Grail

After working with SearchTides, this client made the top five of page one for almost all of their main keywords. We rectified rendering issues and revamped the CMS to overcome technical challenges. Plus, what used to take three weeks for a blog page to rank, was now achieving traffic within one day.

At-a-glance campaign results:

  • Increased organic traffic from 5,978 to 655,845 per month.
  • Increased traffic value from $4,606 to over $555,000 per month.
  • Increased referring domains from 8 to over 1,400.
  • Led client through a rebrand, new domain, and a fundamental infrastructure change without losing traffic.
  • Led content creation program from scratch to over 2,100 #1 rankings.

A Closer Look

We grew organic traffic from 5,978 to 655,845/month. 

Monthly Traffic Value increased from $4,606 to an incredible $555,382. This would be the cost of generating the same amount of traffic through paid search instead of SEO.

We doubled the number of referring domains over the campaign.

Sampling of valuable number one rankings.

Want results like this?

By establishing authority, developing organic assets, focusing on big-picture technical solutions, and building up brand search, we've developed a proven framework to help you take over your industry. 

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