Case Study:

Sports and Gaming Company Dunks on the Competition

The Quest

This popular brand within the sports and gaming industry came to us because well-known competitors were outperforming them. With sports betting opening up in more states, they anticipated a land grab – winning upfront was critical.

Almost all of their website traffic was branded, with only 5-10% non-branded traffic. Another agency had been building links for them, but the brand was unhappy with the results. In a competitive landscape where all the keyword sets are known and have giant monthly search volumes, achieving page-level power (UR) through link building is essential. Enter SearchTides.

The Dragons

For about a year, issues with a new product and development team left this client unable to make meaningful changes to their website. When those changes became possible, the internal SEO team was met with pushback. To get things resonating with the right SEO and non-SEO people, it was our job to provide a foothold – and a hefty amount of proof.

Department battles aside, we encountered a great deal of technical issues. First, the CMS/infrastructure design neglected SEO best practices. Basic concepts were not being met. Rendering issues could not be fixed — meaning we had to work within the confines of a system that Google didn’t want.

New pages, which typically need to exist in this space for over a year to rank well, were being built 2-3 weeks before events. With different parts of the website operating via separate teams, cross-coordination was challenging. As a result, SearchTides had to offer solutions to each team.

The Grail

At-a-glance campaign results:

  • Achieved top non-branded traffic day, which outperformed all prior days, including the Super Bowls. Rankings include:
    • Sports betting (KD89, 330k volume) – #1
    • NBA Finals Odds (KD57, 32k volume) – #1
    • Super Bowl Odds (KD73, 12k volume) – #1
    • NBA Spreads (KD71, 18k volume) – #2
    • World Series Odds (KD56, 7.1k volume) – #1
    • Casino Online (KD80, 10k volume) – #2
  • Increased organic traffic from 150,000 monthly users to 683,346.
  • Increased Monthly Traffic Value from $25k to over $1.2MM

A Closer Look

The darker line represents organic traffic in volume. The lighter line, representing the average organic traffic value, displays how much it would cost to purchase the organic traffic each month in Google Ads.

When we started working together in late 2019, organic visitors per month hovered around 150,000. Traffic value began at just $25k per month. This figure started very low because almost all of the website’s traffic was branded.

Monthly organic traffic has now reached over 680,000 monthly visitors, with organic traffic value spiking to over $1.2mm each month. The latter number skyrocketed because all of the new traffic was non-branded.

A few notable rankings

Beyond the Numbers

Since working with SearchTides, this company continues to outperform the competition. Beyond the numbers, the team size has increased by over 5x, experienced multiple promotions, and seen a budget under management increase by over 700%. 

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