Case Study:

Fitness Company Outlifts Their Weightclass

The Quest

This fitness brand had aspirations to compete with the Healthline’s, WebMD’s, and’s of the world. When originally engaging SearchTides, the game was a familiar one — compete against goliaths, laying the foundation and growing over time. Low click-to-revenue ratios, a materially smaller domain rating, and a lack of referring domains meant that competitive commercial keywords would be difficult, yet critical, to generate traffic from. 

The Dragons

In addition to any link-building, “getting content shipped” is the first critical phase for any brand. However, any misconceptions about what the ideal content should look like creates issues that are only exasperated when hundreds or thousands of pieces of content exist. While link building generated its effect throughout the campaign, it became mandatory to rework interlinking, the repetitiveness of topics, as well as entity structure. In other words — to reimagine a website with thousands of pages. 

The Grail

The client is now a leader in the fitness space. They have beaten out well-known competitors for the most challenging of keywords and stand atop, looking down at what once seemed like an insurmountable mountain.

At-a-glance campaign results:

  • SearchTides came in as a Series A investor in Q1 of 2017.
  • Increased organic monthly traffic from 21,568 to 3,299,783 visitors (15,144% increase).
  • Increased monthly traffic value from $6,300 to $1.9MM.
  • Increased referring domains from 396 to 26,417.
  • Increased domain rating from 41 to 73.

A Closer Look

We increased organic traffic from 27,568 to 3,299,783 per month

Traffic value grew from $6,268 to over $23,224,080 per year

We grew referring domains from 375 to over 25,000 

DR grew from 41 to over 70

A sample of top-ranking keywords

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