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Since the advent of the internet and the online search, Word of Web advertising has taken place at the forefront of consumer buying decisions. The online user is drunk on the convenience of the online search and online shopping that it is essential for any business in operations today to invest in an online presence.

The goal for all those businesses investing in their online presence is to scratch and peck their way to the top rungs of the SERPs, or the Search Engine Results from Pages. The advantages of having your website in this favored spot are plentiful, not every modern business owner is fully investing in this important marketing aspect.

This is unfortunate because what it means is that there are many businesses big and small that caught in conventional advertising methods. But none of these can deliver the same ROIs you can expect from  San Jose SEO.

Following is a few of the most important reasons SEO is essential to the modern business.


Benefit No. 1 — Brand Awareness and Visibility

The primary advantage of being online is the convenience of which your online customers can find your business. This doesn’t just happen by itself. For you to be properly connected to your corner of the market, you must set yourself in a position to be found. SEO is that setup.

San Jose SEO works to improve the relevance of your website and online presence to the keywords or search terms your customers will use to find you. By moving you upwards on the SERPs rankings, you take advantage of certain specific benefits even if you never make it to the first spot.

Association is the first benefit. Those looking for products online will rarely do so only one time. Typically, they will search several times for the options they are looking for before choosing a website to investigate. IF your site has been properly optimized with the best possible keywords your chances of showing up in these search results improves.

This creates an important association between your brand and website and those products or services your customers are looking for. Human nature tends to prefer the familiar, and this will play out in your favor in the future when your brand becomes recognized by your target audience.

A consistent appearance in association with their needs develops a sort of trust between your customers and your brand. If we have learned anything from online marketing, it is that trust is gold Which brings us to the next reason SEO San Jose is so important.


SEO Increases Credibility (Trust) in your Brand

The online consumer is constantly making mental notes on the results they are receiving for their most regular searches. This reservoir of information is the deciding factor for a good majority of the online purchases made, even if the consumers themselves are not aware.

Where does this tendency come from? Delegation! It is pretty hard to search the entire internet for the things we need, so we delegate this task and the authority to decide on what is best to the super search engine giant Google and their many counterparts.

If Google deems a site worthy of the first SERP”, says the unassuming online consumer, “well, Dang-It! That’s good enough for me!” And another online sale is successfully made by association alone.

This may seem like a ridiculous way to make purchasing decisions, but is it that unbelievable? Remember in the days before the internet when the Yellow Pages were the go-to directory for everything from pizza to plumbing services.

There was an invariable tendency for consumers to contact the first businesses on the list before venturing into the ones further in the book. For better or worse this is a human way of making decisions. As they say in the real estate business, location, location, and LOCATION.

This same logic applies to making decisions in the online directory. If your online presence has been found the most relevant option to the query entered, your customers will trust your relevance and favor your business. But wait there is more…


SEO California Brings in a Crowd

The major search engines stand at the crossroads directing online traffic to the answers they seek. IF they have decided you are the most relevant answer to the queries for your specific clients, they will be sending plenty more of them your way. While traffic is not the same as cash and profits, combined with your relevance and position in the SERPs, it can.

It can be like setting up your ice cream stand on the busy boardwalk on a Sunday afternoon, as opposed to setting it up on the corner of a dirt road in an unpopulated suburb. You will see that there are many passersby on the boardwalk, does not mean you will sell to every one of them, but your chances of making a sale are significantly improved than in the side of the road.

This is basically the same thing as being on the 1st SERP or the 31st. You may not make sales from every single visitor that visits your site, but the increased traffic certainly helps your chances. Furthermore, unlike the people enjoying their afternoon at the boardwalk, the people visiting your site are looking for you.

This is because the visitors at your site have already expressed their interest in your products or services. Why else would they have entered in those specific keywords or phrases?

So, if your customers and visitors have already gained a trust by seeing you maintain your position in the SERPs with some consistency and are convinced of your relevance by the trust Google places in your relevance. Then you can bet they will be predisposed to favoring your products or services when they do visit.


In Conclusion — these are just a few of the benefits from a well-planned California SEO campaign. If you are looking for a good way to keep up with your competition and make a lasting connection with your target audience, California SEO may be the best solution for you.

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