Our Process

“Sorry, we don’t share our top secret strategies. But let’s talk about your meta tags”
-Unacceptable agency speak, 2021
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Transparent SEO can be your reality

All clients gain access to our internal documents; you’ll always know what work is taking place. While we’ve written extensively about our understandings of the Google search engine algorithm, our strategy revolves around one core fact:

Effective SEO centers around increasing the authority of your website

No amount of meta descriptions, site structure, or robots.txt crawlability will ever replace the number one ranking factor: the overall power of your domain. Building links is easy. Earning the right type of links is what drives exceptional results. Our strategy earns you powerful links from industry and location relevant websites that have active users who will click through the earned links to your business.

A Confident,
Transparent Process

Crafted through years of experience and endless testing, our extensive framework earns your brand safe, powerful, validated links. And since we love to show off, we share everything with you, including our own team’s documents. Here’s our process broken down:

Time to Kickoff


The first month of your campaign is all about you. Your business is unique and has specific needs. It is critical to learn as much as possible about your value propositions and competitive landscape. This time is also reserved for fixing any technical issues with your website or analytics. Setting your up site properly means you’ll be able to tie our efforts back to a tangible ROI.


Opportunity Hunting

While the onboarding process takes place, dedicated team members manually scour the internet, searching for thousands of high quality opportunities that will yield powerful, relevant, validated links for your company. Some of these opportunities require digital assets such as interactive graphics or white papers; if necessary, SearchTides can develop these materials.

Time for liftoff

The Growth Period

Our dedicated outreach managers connect with business owners, webmasters, bloggers, and industry contacts in order to present your brand for an earned link opportunity. This methodical yet intimate strategy allows your brand to develop real human relationships that yield authoritative results. Learn more about the nine types of links we build and why.


The Results

The results are predictable: links from the highest quality domains are earned and validated. Your business gains visibility in the search engines, resulting in a shocking increase of buyer-centric traffic that drives bottom line revenue.

Stay informed throughout

You See It All

Throughout the entire project, you have access to our internal documents. These sheets timestamp activity that has occurred, which team member has performed the work, which publications have been sought after for earned opportunities, and when your links go live. You hold the perennial answer to the question of what your SEO agency is doing: everything.

Our time-tested process means you
Achieve remarkable goals