Drive an ROI

“Congratulations, your website is ranking #3 for some search term that no on cares about”
-Said no one at SearchTides, ever
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Your SearchTides campaign begins with a plan about how your business will make money from SEO

Most rhetoric online states SEO is a nebulous “marketing practice” that businesses need to do, but don’t need to worry about tying to a balance sheet. This belief is simply false – the financial impact from SEO can be measured both prior to and during an engagement.

Anticipated ROI

A few baseline metrics are used to scope out a reasonably expected ROI before your campaign even begins. These may include baseline lead numbers, conversion value, and relevant metrics from other campaigns.

Some businesses do not have these numbers readily available, or need more complex tabulations.

Actual ROI

During the campaign, the direct and indirect impact that a lift in organic search has on your site is examined. Depending on the complexity of the campaign, actual ROI will be calculated in one of a few ways.

Online Conversion (E-commerce)

If customers take a direct action on your website, it is immediately trackable. Modern analytics platforms expose deep understandings and insights about your traffic channels. With SearchTides integration, you’ll see the direct impact in conversions that stem from an increase in organic traffic.

A comparison of conversions tied to individual marketing channels

Offline Conversion (Phone Call)

For conversions occurring over the phone, our call tracking software provides an eloquent solution that tells you who called, the exact time and date, the duration of the call, and what marketing channel the call originated from. You'll even be able to track if the call was a first timer and if it was answered.

Your dashboard comes with a detailed breakdown of phone calls, you can even assign a lead quality score
A segment of SEO assisted and initiated conversions

Enterprise Solutions
(Multi-Channel Marketing)

Enterprise solutions require a more complex level of analytics that factor SEO as a specific channel in a greater marketing mix.

Models such as last attribution tracking are incomplete methods of measuring the full value of any marketing channel. Multi-channel funnels are a core part of comprehensive initiatives; SEO can be segmented as assisted and initiated conversions as well.

A complex marketing initiative is not an excuse for a lack of attribution tied back on a per-channel basis.