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SearchTides is a Search Engine Marketing company that drives high quality patients to your healthcare practice by making you more visible online.

All modern practices already know it is crucial to be visible online because patients are already looking there. To better put things in prospective though:

60-80% of all prospective patients perform research online prior to contacting a potential healthcare provider.[1]


If your practice is not extremely visible online, you are handing your competitors patients. No business can afford to do that. Especially when it’s more difficult than ever to maintain a successful private practice.

To understand why search engine optimization is a crucial part of every practice, let’s think a little bit about when patients search for a healthcare provider.

Patients research online AFTER they have decided they treatment

Think about it:


Would you look for a hand surgeon before you broke your hand?

Would you seek treatment for a pretty bad cough before you had a cough?


Of course you wouldn’t! You only seek out treatment after developing an ailment.

Even in the case of something like cosmetic surgery, the patient decides he or she would like a procedure prior to determining which cosmetic surgeon to engage. The conversation going on in the patient’s head is more like this:

“I’m sick, I need to find a doctor in this area”

“I want to cosmetically change my appearance, I need to find a specialized surgeon”

“My hip has been bothering me, I should go speak to someone qualified”

The stage where patient research occurs is why many forms of advertising do not work in the medical industry. A practice cannot advertise on Facebook “hey, next time you have that unexpected rotator cuff injury, think of us!” Practices must be visible where patients search, and patients overwhelmingly search on major search engines.


The Major Search Engines

There are three main search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Here, we see that Google has about 67% of the desktop searches.

What is not mentioned is that Google currently owns over 85% of mobile searches.

Since more than 50% of all searches are mobile, that means that Google receives over 76% of all searches online.

Now let’s look at a Google search results page:

a serch results page for Google

There are two areas that you can be listed in the search results page: the red section and the green section.

The red section is called Google Adwords, where you pay to receive clicks for given search terms. The green section is the organic listings, where you have to be naturally ranked in order for your results to surface.

Here’s the important takeaway: one of these sections receives 90% of the clicks. The other receives 10%.

90% of clicks go to organic search results

Whoa. That’s a massive difference in clicks. Why is that the case?

Because prospective patients know the red listings are ads, and no one likes to click on ads.

So what implications does this have for your practice?

If you want to acquire patients online, you need to be listed in the Google organic search results


  • 60-80% of prospective patients perform research online prior to a visit. We can access this group by being present where they are looking — by being where they perform this research.
  • Patients look at search engines — and over 75% of the time that specifically means on Google.
  • You can be listed in the “red” Google Adwords section, which gets 10% of all overall clicks.
  • Or, you can appear in the green Organic Listings, which receives over 90% of clicks.

How does this tie in to SEO?

The only way to get in those green organic search results is to perform search engine optimization (SEO).


There are many documented benefits to SEO for healthcare providers, but the intended result is the same:

  • More consultations
  • More appointments
  • More patients helped
  • More revenue

If your practice is seeking more patients and more revenue, the most effective way to accomplish those goals is through partnering with a SEO company.

Is there a catch?

Yes, there is a catch. The catch is… not every SEO company can actually perform high quality SEO.

But, there’s another catch!

It’s tough to determine who the best hair stylist is because it is often a matter of opinion. It is difficult to say who the best teacher is because some students respond better to different styles of teaching.

With SEO, it is painfully obvious which SEO companies are the best because they rank at the top of the search engines for terms that will attract prospective clients.

In other words, in order to determine if an SEO company is effective, simply check and see what terms they are ranking for!

SearchTides specializes in SEO for healthcare providers, and our rankings back it up:

seo for healthcare providers

Here, you can see that SearchTides is #1 for “SEO for healthcare providers”

But, there’s more:

search engine optimization for healthcare providers

Here, SearchTides is both #1 and #4 for “search engine optimization for healthcare providers.” You can also see that this search term returns almost 30 million websites.

Partnering with a search engine optimization company is important because, frankly, it is impossible to keep up with the 500-600 algorithmic changes that Google makes every single year. It is your job to run your practice or help improve the lives of your patients.

Getting to the top of Google will have a tremendous impact: you’ll have more visitors to your website, you’ll help more patients, and your practice will get more revenue.

But, your SEO partner has to be able to deliver results or it won’t work.

SearchTides specializes in SEO for healthcare providers, and our #1 rankings have beaten out tens of millions of our competitors — other professional search engine optimization companies.

If we can beat the pros, imagine what we’ll be able to do for your practice…


If you’re ready to pump up your practice and help more people in the world live a better life, then fill out the discovery form on our website.

Once we have received your form, we painstakingly review your goals, offers, and competition in order to deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues.

You will receive your free consultation within 48-72 business hours, and it carries no obligation.


It’s time to give your practice the boost it deserves.




If you would like more information on a direct comparison between Google Adwords and the Organic Search Results, check out this video (the free ranking is no longer valid, there is too much interest in our service to provide:


[1] Pho, Kevin, and Susan Gay. Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.