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The Big “NYC SEO Lie”

Search engine optimization, or, SEO, is officially a buzzword. Millions of articles are written and thousands of services are offered without many results being obtained or delivered.

The reality of the situation is that most businesses who offer SEO services are not capable of generating search engine traffic for clients.

SEO is hard. Google alone makes 500-600 algorithm updates a year. Strategies and tactics are constantly changing and evolving. If a New york agency, claiming to be a NYC SEO expert, is not dedicating significant resources to constant research, testing, and development, they will simply not be effective.

Of course, you know that appearing high in the search engines is crucial for your business. Most of the time, there are two major questions business owners have:

1) SEO is important, but will it work for my New York particular business?

2) Even if a company can rank me high in search engines, will “having good SEO” translate into money for my business?

Many businesses have been burned in the past by shady SEO companies, or are unfamiliar with the process in general. SearchTides has developed a completely white hat strategy that is trackable — your business will know the exact return you are making on your marketing investment. SearchTides is built on the following principles:

  • Provide value through highly sought after rankings
  • Prove, down to the dollar, the financial benefit to Clients
  • Provide complete access to the entire process

Here’s how we operate:

Your Own Dashboard

a picture of nyc seo results

An SEO campaign contains a lot of moving pieces. It’s important for you to be able to digest information and progress in a reliable fashion. Every client has access to your very own dashboard, at any time, so you can always track your results over time.

With SearchTides, you can eliminate guessing, wondering, and uncertainty; the proof is available for you to examine every second of every day.

And while it is important to have great rankings, the true purpose of search engine marketing is to generate revenue for your business. This involves connecting various data-based activities, including connecting online events to offline events.

Often times, the next step is for a prospect to pick up the phone and call your business. This is why SearchTides provides:

Phone Call & Inquiry Tracking

seo long island call tracking results

Incoming phone calls and prospective client inquiries can be tracked in order to determine:

  • What marketing channels calls are coming from (especially useful for multi-channel marketing campaigns)
  • The exact date and time of the call
  • Who called
  • The duration of the call
  • If the call was answered
  • If the call was the prospects first call

In other words, you’ll be able to determine just how valuable these calls are for your business’s bottom line. Of course, many businesses generate revenue and metrics explicitly through online channels, which is why SearchTides tracks this conversion as well:

Certified Analytics and Tag Management

tracking screenshot of long island seo services

If customers take a direct action on your website, our internet marketing is immediately trackable. Google Analytics and Tag Manager are vastly powerful tools, exposing deep understandings and insights about your traffic channels. With SearchTides integration, it is blatantly obvious which channels are actually driving sales, and which aren’t. By setting up goals, event triggers, and e-commerce conversion tracking, you’ll see exactly what marketing efforts are actually providing an ROI.

The result of SearchTides’s data-driven process to SEO is your complete understanding of the return on your investment. This is the exact process we use for all our Clients — and why they generate returns of 300-800% every single month.

notes from long island seo expert brainstorming sessionImagine the relief you’ll experience knowing that your marketing dollars are seeing a significant return. This is the power of the SearchTides SEO system.

Consider the following: you are currently on a secret page on our site. Look in the header — there’s no way to get here. In fact, the only way you can wind up on this page is by Googling for SEO services in the NYC area. We like to practice what we preach, which is why we completely blanket the search results pages for New York.

search engine results for new york

Feel free to verify these rankings by Googling these search terms right now. You’ll see SearchTides at the top.

You deserve trustworthy and quantifiable results.

You deserve SearchTides to turn your New York Marketing from Ripples to Tidal Waves.


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