Merging Websites After a $40 Billion Acquisition

Medtronic: Respiratory Compromise

Before SearchTides (Monthly Traffic at 199,045):



After SearchTides (Monthly Traffic at 289,473):


The Challenge:

Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) had recently purchased Covidien Ltd. for $42.9 billion. The new company, Medtronic Ltd, were tasked with the massive undertaking of porting the Covidien website over to the Medtronic space. This process needed to preserve the organic rankings from both the Covidien and Medtronic sites.

Medtronic also needed a way to raise awareness and drive traffic to a new set of medical devices focused on addressing the hospital issue of Respiratory Compromise.

SearchTides was approached in order to achieve a variety of objectives:



Technical website recommendations were implemented and resulted in a 45% increase in website traffic over a period of 9 months. Over 300 total #1 rankings were obtained:

a small sampling of #1 rankings

Respiratory Compromise:

Medtronic ranked #1 for all desired keywords related to Respiratory Compromise:

SearchTides achieved across-the-board number one rankings for all terms related to the respiratory compromise initiative

Integrating Directly with Google:

While performing due diligence, SearchTides noticed that Google had began displaying a sidebar of information for medical condition-related searches:

SearchTides initiated conversations with Google to secure placement for Medtronic in Google’s partner-based search results.


Google privately sources this information from Contributors such as Mayo Clinic, the CDC, and FDA. After identify this opportunity, SearchTides helped initiate conversations with Google in order for Medtronic to be listed as a vendor on Google’s partner-based search results.



By and large, the Medtronic project was a huge success. SearchTides received significant accolades for the work performed, including a glowing review:


The SearchTides team played an integral part in our transition and corroborated with our other vendors in a professional manner. We are still seeing the positive impact of their Search component to this day. Our expectations were exceeded.


Senior Marketing Director, Medtronic Ltd.

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