12 Crazy Good Content Curation Tools Every Self-Respecting Social Media Marketer Should Be Using

Part of your job as a brand marketer is sharing content relevant to your business’ market. Creating your own content is crucial, but so is sharing topical information from other sources. If you want your audience to trust you as a source of reliable information, you can’t just be a giant windbag espousing only your […]

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Part of your job as a brand marketer is sharing content relevant to your business’ market. Creating your own content is crucial, but so is sharing topical information from other sources. If you want your audience to trust you as a source of reliable information, you can’t just be a giant windbag espousing only your own content.

To find content your audience will enjoy and share, it is imperative you integrate content curation tools into your brand outreach strategy. Curation tools make it easy to find articles, videos, GIFS, infographics, podcasts, and slide presentations. Instead of relying on SEO-biased search engines, curation tools let you discover data in a much more time-efficient manner. If you want your audience engagement rates to soar, consider incorporating the following n must-have content curation tools into your brand marketing efforts:


GIFs are a powerful tool to boost engagement rates on social media. If sharing GIFs is part of your customer outreach strategy, add Serious to your list of awesome social curation tools. Their handy site lets your team discover engaging GIFs, tag your finds with appropriate keywords, and share your finds too. Find GIFs based upon keyword research or uncover fresh GIFs recently added to Serious


Ink! is a must-discover tool for savvy brand marketers. If you want to share intelligent content with your brand’s followers, Ink! makes finding fabulous content easy. Instead of visiting numerous sites to find relevant news, you can access multiple news publishers from within Ink!. Publications range from the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times to The Guardian and South China Morning Post. Become a beacon of intelligent content sharing to your social media followers. Your audience will be impressed with the caliber of relevant content you regularly share; they’ll never have to know you’re accessing it all from one convenient location.

Smart News

Smart News provides access to top news headlines from numerous publishers including TIME, Reuters, TechCrunch, Quartz, and Huffington Post. Skim through headlines to find content of interest to your audience without having to visit multiple sites. SmartNews arranges content into topic categories, making it super simple to find tantalizing tidbits to share on social media.


If you want to add audio artificial intelligence to your content curation duties, check out CapsuleFM. Discover news and music you can share with your audience. You’ll be amazed at how quickly CapsuleFM learns your preferences and continues to surface content specific to your interests


If you are a Google Chrome user, consider adding SNARC to your browser. This awesome content discovery tool utilizes semantic text analysis to help you uncover relevant content. Find fresh tidbits to share with your audience based upon intelligent keyword analysis.


If your audience likes it when you share content from Reddit, consider adding Feedworthy to your content curation routine. Feedworthy presents Reddit content in an intriguing visual manner, making it simple to find and share tidbits your followers will enjoy. Search by image, discover GIFs for social media; and enjoy curated collections of content too. Use caution when dealing Feedworthy; you might spend more time reading Reddit posts than you do sharing your finds with your content marketing audience.


Juicer lets you curate all of your brand’s social feeds into one stream. You can embed your curated feed on your company’s website or blog. Juicer integrates with numerous social platforms including Twitter, Vine, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Pinterest. Each embedded collection can be customized to match your brand’s colors and styled for seasonal events like Easter, Halloween, or Christmas. You can even use Juicer to curate a hashtag-based collection.


Cronycle lets you create curated collections via your Twitter account and multiple RSS feeds. Create collections on anything from business news to visual marketing to share with your brand’s audience. You can customize your collected data to your specifications and share your data via email or social media.


Faveeo helps teams locate, curate, and share relevant content for their audience. Offering everything from topic filters to trend analysis and upcoming market insights, Faveeo can help your team coordinate their content research activities. Connect with industry influencers, uncover content specific to your industry, and share your finds with your social media colleagues.


Rallyverse works with your brand’s existing social media data to better understand conversations and topics that matter to your brand. Their interface examines everything from your social media posts to the stored images on your CMS platform to get a feel for the types of content you share. Once familiar with your brand’s outreach style, Rallyverse monitors content on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to find tidbits you can share with your audience. If you like the idea of having a secret sleuth doing all the content research for your team, you’ll definitely want to dive into Rallyverse.


Meddle lets brand building teams discover content and add commentary prior to sharing on social media. Found content can also be shared in-house for a better understanding of conversations happening on company social media channels. Brand managers can approve posts prior to publication.


Backstitch offers an awesome content discovery and sharing tool for teams. Use Backstitch to stay up-to-date on your industry, filter your finds for audience relevance, and even embed your content discoveries on your site thanks to Backstitch’s handy embeddable widget. You can even create email digests of your content finds. (backstitch) Social media marketing takes effort and consistency, but with powerful curation tools in your arsenal, you can spend less time finding content to share and more time conversing with your audience. Building an authentic (and profitable) brand presence online only happens when consumers begin to look to you as a trusted source of information. Using social curation tools helps your team develop a strong, cohesive voice so you can become a content marketing powerhouse within your industry. Do you think you will be integrating any of the aforementioned resources into your business building efforts?