5 Things I Learned From Tripling the Income of a Bail Bonds Company

Before helping bail bonds owners 2-4x their income, I actually used to be a poker player…

I often played in the underground poker games of New York City.

There were lots of nice games that took place in penthouse apartments, but my favorites were the backdoor room games.

The games in Brooklyn, where rooms filled with a thick layer of smoke. There would be a few people packing heat, sure, but I’m certain all of the guns were registered and everyone had concealed carry permits!

Interestingly enough, there wasn’t any cash changing hands. Everything was credit based, so the people operating the game actually had to decide whether you were good for your money, or whether you might try to stiff someone and flee.

As a bail company, you are making the exact same decisions. You need to decide whether a defendant is good for the money or if he/she might try to skip town.

There’s another thing we share though: hustle. We make informed decisions, we hope for the best case scenario, but we are prepared to deal with the worst case scenario. There aren’t a lot of people who live that reality every day, but we do.

On that note, I want to share with you 5 things I learned from tripling one of my bail client’s income. These are the actual big-picture takeaways that were responsible for significant shifts in revenue:

1) A lot of “accepted” marketing advice doesn’t apply to bail bonds companies

When this particular client came to me, he was advertising in 5-6 channels every month. It turns out that this strategy was massively flawed!

For example, lots of time and energy was being spent on social media. The owner was paying another company a significant amount of money each month to post frequently on Facebook and Twitter, but we analyzed that almost no traffic was coming from these channels!

The problem with social media in the bail industry is that your customers are not scrolling through Facebook when their loved one is in jail, they are searching on Google for a way to get them out.

In business, it is common advice to “have a social media presence” because your potential customers are checking you out on social media and they want to make sure your business is alive.

Instead, we created a system that automatically would post relevant articles and photos each day. The owner saved a ton each month, and another performing research on the company on social media still saw an active company

2) Focusing on a few charges makes a huge difference

Every time I speak to an owner, I would ask the question “what type of charges would you like more of?

Almost always, the bail owner would reply with a “that depends” or “that’s a complicated question.”

When I dug deeper, I learned that there are four types of charges that actually make owners a lot of money:

These charges either have very large bail amounts, or the accused are very unlikely to skip bail.

Go Google “bail bonds [your state or city].” Look at the results — it’s heavily populated, right?

Now do a search for “bail bond dui [your state or city]”. The results look completely different, right?

That’s because very few businesses are targeting these specific charges, even though they make a lot of money!

Creating pages on your website to target these charges specifically is a great idea

3) The phone doesn’t always get picked up

I always track the amount of phone calls I deliver to a bail bonds company because I love showing the true value of the service we provide.

The most devastating thing I see is sending over a ton of leads to a bail owner, and the phone not being picked up!

Sometimes, the owner is in charge of picking up the phone.

Other times, it is an employee or small group. In this instance, often times the employees leave at the end of the work day, or aren’t there in the early AM.

Not picking up phone calls from people BEGGING for your help is a surefire way to lose money, and it happens more frequently than you think. Make sure your business has a plan in place to pick up calls 24/7/365.

4) Having prominent, clickable phone numbers displayed on mobile makes a HUGE difference

Most searches online originate from mobile, which means that most of your potential customers will be accessing your website from a phone.

Look — your website needs to be responsive and look good on mobile, but that’s old advice.

Your website needs to have prominent, clickable phone numbers that are continually present on mobile. There is a huge urgency when someone is in jail, and we need to make it as easy as possible to contact us.

5) Bail Bond companies live and die on search engines

More than most types of businesses, bail bond companies live and die on Google (and on Bing/Yahoo).

When someone winds up in jail, there is a huge urgency to get them out as quickly as possible. Most likely, the person in charge of helping the jailed individual doesn’t know exactly where to turn for help.

So they turn to Google for help.

They don’t care how many followers you have on Twitter.

They don’t care if you are listed in the Yellowpages (seriously, who uses Yellowpages anymore?). And they probably don’t even care what your name is.

They go to Google and type in “bail bonds” (go test this, you don’t even need to type in a city or state and you will still get local results) and they call up the company they see first.

If you aren’t there, someone else is getting that phone call, and someone else is getting that business.

That’s the reality of the situation. This isn’t about walkers coming in off the street and asking about a bail too small for you to even entertain them.

This is about prime-paying customers reaching out and either speaking to you or to one of your competitors.
This is the best way to double or triple your business’s revenue.

If you’d like to see the exact results of one such campaign, check out how I was able to increase phone calls to a bail bonds business by 291% in 4 hours.

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